Full for full time labor in 2016. Now accepting wwoofers/ work exchange.

Farm Crew

Looking for 2-3 members to fill our team.  These positions range from apprenticeships to employees, based on experience and the desire of us and you.  We have spring through fall, and summer openings.  These positions  be paid hourly.  For more information go here.  We accept folks through the MOFGA apprentice program as well under the Farm SOM - 20.  

Harvest, Outreach & Markets Manager.

This position will be full time from spring into November, and hopefully into 2017. Compensation is dependent upon experience and will be graduated.  Hopefully there will be a bonus, depending on how much food we sell.   For the right person, the currant farm manager is looking to transition more management responsibilities for the 2017 season. This transition will ideally begin in 2016. 

Responsibilities for 2016 include:

1)    Create and oversee harvesting and processing of produce.

2)    Marketing of CSA, Farmers Market, U-pick Strawberries, U-pick Rice, wholesale accounts

3)    Revitalize farmers market and manage farm stand. We plan to do a hybrid CSA/farm stand model.  This will include a wild edible component, some fun experimentation, and potentially a separate fish CSA.

4)     We want more education in the area!  This can take the form of on-site farm workshops/work parties or tours and/or a mobile food cart.  Other members of the farm can play a substantial role in this happening.  This can either be funded through grants or the farm.

5)    Possibly develop or initiate other ventures on site or with community.  Much is still to be imagined and created on our farm and the neighboring community.

6)    Working in collaboration with the farm manager, Ben, who manages the finances, the Maine Rice Project, personal, and the whole farm operation.

7) Potentially lead the field crew.

8) Assist and help with other farm projects. 

Specifics for numbers 3-5 will depend much on the personal we hire for the season, other community project in the works and any grants funding we get.  Happy to discuss these details by phone.


Applicants should have multiple years of farm work and priority will be given to those with experience related to the duties listed above.  This is our first season producing at a commercial scale, so much of this position and the systems created have yet to be created and implemented.  The motivation to work well alone, create new systems, manage farm workers, as well as communicate and collaborate with our farm team are important.

We do not use much machinery and will be implementing complex systems and practices in a diversity of evolving ways.  Thus, physical labor in conjunction with critical thought and attentiveness are important. Personal characteristics including honesty, reflection, adaptation, motivation, curiosity, and love are paramount.