We want to feed you!  


Wild Folk Organic: We are uncertified organic.  Not all "organic" farms are the same.  We feel we go above and beyond the approved organic standards (though having ducks in our rice paddies does not fit within  their standards).  We use no synthetic pesticides and in fact rarely use pesticides at all!  We believe in a standard of "knowing one's farmer".   We invite anyone to come see our growing practices and judge for yourselves.  And never hesitate to ask  about any of our practices.

Food Movement:  We consider ourselves experimental farmers.   We put a portion of our income every season into trialling new methods, practices and systems to keep the food movement, well, moving.  We love to farm creatively and are always seeking new methods to cultivate in harmony with our living surroundings.   The rice paddies are case in point, as are the various food forest designs we are implementing for future perennial food production. 

Wild Folk Practices: Basically, if it harms the soil, we don't do it.   We are unique in the area in that we do not till, do not compact the soil with heavy machinery and do not leave the ground barren.  Highly diversified and integrated, we rely on: cover cropping, human power, animal and plant rotations, mulching, local/farm sourced compost, inputs from the coast, a diverse array of homemade foliar sprays, and a partnership in the biology below us. 

This means that the billions of organisms within a handful of soil, and the thousands of pounds within an acre can be healthy and prosperous.  This directly translates to healthier plants, and healthier food.

Soil Facts   

  • Earthworms -  Weights can range from 500 to 2,000 pounds on organic systems per acre (depending on numerous factors, like tilling and soil compaction)
  •  Bacteria - Soil bacteria  ranges from 1,000 to 7,000 lbs in an acre of farm soil  (the type of bacteria (symbiotic, or mutualistic, or pathogenic, and the amount depends on ones practices)
    • One handful of soil can have more organisms than people on the planet
  •  Fungi - One handful of farm soil can have over 100 yards of hyphae, which are the branching and rooting structures  (this depends on...i won't be a broken record)

*- information compliments of Edible Forest Gardens.

So please come to farm, stick your hand in the soil, and feel the creatures abound!