Full for full time labor in 2016. Now accepting wwoofers/ work exchange. 

2016 Job Application - Harvest, Outreach and Markets Manager

If interested, please fill out this application. We also accept resumes and other forms of expression.  The application deadline is February 20th. We plan to start interviewing as soon as we receive applications and might fill the position between now and then.  At latest, we plan to make a decision by March

2016 Apprentice Application

Deadline is February 20th, and we will be accepting on a ruling basis.  Please answer all questions except any with ***, which I think is just one.  

Form Description

Some of these questions may seem personal. That is because they are! Work and play intermingle often at Wild Folk. 

Please read the instruction at each section.  Answer honestly and be specific when applicable.  Thanks!

Lastly - Definitely have fun with this.

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Short Answers
Section 2
Longer Answers
Section 3
Answer at least 4 questions
Section 4
Longer Answers. These answers can all be separate or lumped together in any of the fields below.