Food includes most everything from the gardens. This includes 40 or so annual fruits and veggies as well as perennial fruits and veggies (apples, plums, raspberries, asparagus, strawberries, grapes, shitakes, etc.) And oh yeah, rice! There are also bountiful wild edibles on the land and nearby, which we make an effort to eat (as they are also part of the CSA). We have plenty of frozen and canned foods for the shoulder seasons, and pig and lamb meat from 2016.  David, the land owner, owns a wine and beer shop in town, so we get a pretty good hook-up in that department.

We eat well.  The best meals are had during our cob oven parties, which occur 1-2 times a month during the growing season.  There is a 16-sided communal kitchen on the farm. Cooking options range from a propane stove, a woodstove, and a cob oven. Lunch during work days is shared and we rotate cooking and cleaning responsibilities.  Dinner is often shared (though summer can be packed with all sorts of events, potlucks, and such nearby!).  As a group we can decide exactly what we want this arrangement to look like. 

On our own time we have a chicken coop that is almost finished and as well as agreat location to raise hens for eggs. We are open to raising meat birds as well is people want to do that.


Almost all of the farm is off the grid.  There is an electricity hub near the entrance of the farm, down the farm road about 1/4 from most of the living, communal and farming activities. In this small building, the "eHUB," there is a freezer, electricity, internet and connection to the ethers.  We intentionally like these activities to take place away from the soul of the farm.  

There are three cabin style screen houses at the farm, (soon to be a fourth, with two floors!) a 3 season yurt and a 4 season cabin.  We try to keep the yurt available as a common indoor space in the summer for yoga, meditation, and the like. 

There is a house, in town, owned by David (land owner) 5 minutes from the farm.  This house will accommodate tenants, as well as wild folk farmers throughout the winter and into the spring and fall.  Incrementally, we start to move out of the house and populate the farm as it warms up. The house also has the potential for 1-2 of the wild folk crew to dwell throughout the summer.  Regardless, it will be available to everyone at the farm throughout the season for some dinners, ping pong, showers, laundry and the finer things in life.  

The farm also has an outdoor shower (needs some TLC) and a few composting toilets.  The farm, drinking, and kitchen water come from a solar panel.  

There is also a large lean-to where campers/wwoofers and visitors can stay.  


Homesteading has been a huge part of our lives, whether it be preserving, drying, medicinals, brewing, etc. and while these items will not necessarily be tied into the formal structure we do have the means and access for people to make these things happen! And its great to coordinate these for offseason bounties!