2019 Wild Folk Farm Openings

Housing, Garden, and Farm Space, & Part-Time Jobs

Wild Folk Farm is looking for folks to tend and live on the land. The farm is in a transition period, with former management taking a step back, and commercial production from prior years downsizing considerable.

We have 1 cabin, and 3 screen-houses available, along with an outdoor shower, outdoor kitchen, and off-the grid and on grid power options. The farm is 50 acres. Learn more here (https://www.wildfolkfarm.com/the-land/)

 We have 1.5 acre of no till garden beds, ready for cultivation.  Up to ½ acre will be used for hemp but the rest open for personal use and/or markets. We also have 2 high-tunnels available as well as plenty of farm tools, other farm resources, and livestock fencing. Our rice paddies will be fallow this season.  There are also berries, fruits, an herb garden and perennial veggies. 

 Rent is in exchange of 5-10 hours of work trade a week. We are looking for people with short term and potentially long term interest.  Prior to long term arrangements, a good relationship with the land and us in 2019 should be established.

 Work will involve maintaining our gardens (cover cropped or mulched), rice paddies (dormant), perennials, and overall upkeep for our diversified small scale farm.

Part-Time Work Opportunities for Residents:

1)   1 position for general farm maintenance, & farm work (listed above).

2)   1-2 positions for help with the CBD operation on the farm and with products.

 We see this as a great learning opportunity for a green thumb and also are excited for those with more relevant experience.  Wild Folk offers a place to grow annuals, tend and reap from perennials, become a part of our community and take advantage of forests, ponds and other resources this land has to offer. We are also open to other farm projects, or endeavors as long as they don’t require much work or money from us.  We are open to ideas.

One could also pursue commercial farm production.   Our friends in town are opening a pub/restaurant in Fairfield, and are interested in sourcing much of the food from the farm, assuming its meets their standards.  There is also an option for a small CSA, as we have some prior customers requesting it to return.

Interested! Please shoot us an email to joinus@wildfolkfarm.com with some things about yourself, some relevant history, and what you are potentially envisioning for 2019. We look forward to hearing from you!