We ended our CSA & Livestock Production in 2017

We have decided to expand our rice operation this year and we also received a license from the state to grow industrial hemp. We feel it is important to expand the cultivation on these two crops that have a high demand and limited supply in state.  With this limited space we would only be able to support a 10-20 person CSA, and with the logistics and drop-offs, we can’t make that work financially. It was a hard decision and we still want to be integrated into the community!

We still plan to sell some produce wholesale and grow strawberries. More info to come...


Meat Shares & Fruit and Veggie CSA - We want to nourish you! 


Full Share: Pay $25/wk for 18 weeks for a total of $450. Receive over $600 in produce.

Half Share: Pay $14/wk  for 18 weeks for a total of $250. Receive over $325 in produce. 

This upfront money and investment helps give us the financial security to provide healthy and abundant produce through the season.    The CSA Runs from Mid June - Mid October.     Receive 8-12 items each week, full of fruits and veggies.  We offer over 40 different foods in this share, with heritage varieties of all of them.  We will have drop-off locations around the Waterville Fairfield Area. CSA shares get first priority with our produce.  We have 50 spots available.   We do offer pay 1/2 now and pay 1/2 later, and for those who feel strongly about setting up a payment plan,  please fill out the form below. 

Learn more about our cultivation practices here.


CSA members get:

1) First priority on u-pick strawberries.  

2) First priority on unique rice varieties we don't have a high supply on.

3) Access to farm during work parties, farm tours, and CSA Days.

4) Special discounts at end of season on storage crops.

5) Our advice on growing, cooking and all things agriculture. 

Pig and Lamb Options:

Half and full shares of lamb and pigs.  Both are heritage breeds.    We plan to bring the animals  to a licensed butcher in November. The lambs will be available at end of October.  These  grass-fed lambs are raised entirely on pasture and moved a few times a week. Our intensive pasture management helps the grass and forage grow better, helps to sequester more carbon, and is great for the lambs health, and it shows.  The meat is more more complex than lamb fed mainly on grains.  For those who feel strongly about setting  up a payment plan go to the form below. 
Lamb Pricing: Hanging  weight for our lambs is between 30-40 lbs. @ $6.5/lb. The butcher fee is $100.  A 40 lb. Lamb would cost $9.0/lb.  Cuts, sausages, and such can be tailored to each individual. 
 The pigs are raised in pasture and in the fallow rice paddies. They are fed on farm food scraps, forage, cover crops, spent grain from the gristmill, and leftover rice.  They have a lot of area to play and forage a diverse diet.  It shows.  Our butcher last year said, "These pigs have the best fat to muscle ratio I have seen this year. "  We have converted many around the area to eat pork again. This will be out third year raising pigs.  We do not let out pigs get too large, as they start to put on more fat. 
Pig Pricing: Hanging weight for the pigs is between 100-130  lbs. @ $4/lbs.    The butcher fee for one pig is $160.  So a 130 lb. Pig would cost around $5.2/lbs,  which varies some depending on the size of the pig. Cuts, sausages, and such can be tailored to each individual.  
Both pigs and lambs get enough local organic grain so we can bring them back to their paddocks if they escape. 

Wild Food List

 Some of the foods (pictured above, center) we hope to include are fiddleheads, mushrooms, cattails,  blackberries, milkweed, dandelion greens, nettles, apples and Japanese knotweed. Expect to find these and information about them in the Fruit/Veggie CSA.  

Normally during the growing season, we spend some time harvesting wild edibles, but with other financially driven tasks at hand, we always wish we had more time and justification to be enjoying and sharing nature’s bounty.  So thanks!   As this is a new service we invite participants to be involved and engaged throughout! And if interested, we are happy to take participants on our wild harvest expeditions. 

Farm Foods Calendar            


Early/Mid Summer: Strawberries, Radishes, Turnips, Kohlrabi, Cabbage, Greens**, Beets, Lettuce, Summer Squash, Scallions, Carrots.

Late Summer:  Garlic, Peas, Carrots, Tomatoes, Greens**,  Beets, Eggplant, Peppers, Onions, Fennel, Pole Beans, Cucumbers, Potatoes, Tomatillos, Melons




Autumn: RICE!, Shitaake Mushrooms, Celeriac, Winter Squash, Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Greens**, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes

** - Greens will include: Kale, Chard, Arugula, Spinach, Bok choy,  Tats soy, mustard, and a few new ones. 




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