Wild Folk Farm is Hiring!

We are looking to bring on 4-6 people to join the Wild Folk team this growing season.  These positions range from apprentices to salaried manager/s, an educator, perhaps a few part time folks and wwoofers.   We are open to different work arrangements, and have multiple models in the works, so most importantly, get in touch if you are interested and we can chat.  

Most of the farm crew  will come on incrementally from the end of March through the beginning of May and work through into the fall (with some folks doing shorter stints in between).  Winter housing is available in Fairfield for folks that stay with us through the winter and into the 2018 growing season. 

Assistant Managers - 

We are looking for one more person to split the responsibilities listed below. One person has already been hired.  From Mid-March through November these management positions will be salaried with between 30-40 hours of work expected each week.  There is also the potential for a bonus based on how much we can generate as a farm (profits beyond a certain point will be redistributed).  As we hire the second person we will decide how to distribute these tasks. The position is open until filled.   

Primary Responsibilities for 1-2 people:

  • Manage wholesale & CSA harvests, processing, packing, and delivery
  • Marketing for CSA members, U-pick Strawberries, and wholesale accounts (including proactively researching and contacting coops, restaurants, camps, and other potential accounts)
  • Manage customer relations for Upick, CSA and wholesale accounts
  • Creating and maintaining systems for organization and tidiness on the farm
  • Leading field crews on tasks
  • Assisting with the conceptualization and implementation of other farm projects. 
  • Collaborating on work planning/strategizing with the farm manager
  • Co-managing other personnel on the farm (apprentices, part-timers, wwoofers)
  • Helping to host guests, customers, and periodic small farm tour groups

*Potential responsibilities with interest (in addition - or instead of - other tasks, given the circumstances and composition of our crew)

  • Creating and sending the farm newsletter
  • Maintaining active Social media accounts for the farm
  • Co-managing livestock (pigs, sheep, ducks)
  • Co-managing work parties and preparations
  • Maine Rice Project: Initiate and coordinate harvest groups and on site education tied to rice cultivation and processing with human powered equipment

Applicants should have multiple years of farm experience, and priority will be given to those with experience related to the duties listed above. Priority for folks with some carpentry, and "fix-it" skills. Prior farm management is not necessary.   This is only our second season producing at a commercial scale, so this position will involve creating or modifying different systems for farm operations.  Thus we need people who are comfortable and motivated to take initiative, be inventive, be patient, work well both alone and in a group, manage other people (even when you yourself might be learning on the fly), and communicate openly and directly with our farm manager and team members.  There will probably be some lunch breaks where you might be running some errands and also some evenings during the busy part of the season, when you are working late.

For a young farm, Wild Folk has grown by leaps and bounds the past few years.  One of the biggest priorities for us now is to find longer term collaborators that can help us grow and expand our farm and its projects well into the future.   Therefore while we understand it takes a season or two to determine if people and the farm are a great fit, we will be giving preferential treatment to applicants with at least long term interest in mind.

The earlier one starts, the more ownership and planning they can be a part of for the season, as well as increased potential for grant funding and designing their own projects.  We want individuals that have a desire and drive to help us build the farm; its beds, its markets, its perennial and long term vision, its living and social systems, and its revenues.

We do not use much machinery and will be implementing many practices in evolving ways.  Thus, physical labor in conjunction with critical thought and attentiveness are important. Personal characteristics including honesty, reflection, adaptation, curiosity, love and respect are paramount. 

We strive for the farm to be in better shape every year, and it is currently at a fun point in its evolution (core infrastructure in place, and lots of room for potential additions). We want to be working towards integrating both human and ecological polycultures, including new ways of experimenting and modeling sustainability and self sufficiency in both the agricultural and human components of our farm.  For this reason, we have built an inherent flexibility for hours and tasks into this position.  The right person will be able to take it and run with it, maintaining an excited view into the future, and motivated to bring their own vision and aspirations into the fold. 


Compensation will depend on a variety of factors including experience and skill, the lineup of other farm employees this year, which projects and markets we decide to tackle, etc.  We will discuss this with the candidate as part of the interviewing process.  For now, we can confidently say that we are neither the lowest nor the highest paying farm. This position will be salaried.   We maintain a high work ethic but very much respect the integrity of the body, mind and value our subjectivities.  Compensation will include farm food and housing (potentially year round).   Plus, David owns a wine and beer shop in town, so we get pretty set up in that department.

Farm Educator/s

The next area we are looking to fill is tied to education, as many funding opportunities and grant applications are time sensitive. 

There are so many amazing things to do on this land!  The farm was spatially designed to interweave nature and agriculture without big machines.  With such a lush and varied landscape, we feel it is a perfect environment for education, outreach and creativity to prosper.

Below are education/outreach ideas we have for the farm.  We could foresee this either being incorporated into an apprentice, full time, or part time position.  The farm cannot currently spearhead these things but can provide food, land, management and labor help, and an operational farm space for these projects to prosper.  We cannot currently pay for these projects but are open to people taking charge of them, potentially generating income from them or getting grants to fund them. We believe there is the most promising potential funding for the first two items, tied to Maine Rice Project.  They are unique, have been piloted, and we have a fiscal sponsor for these areas.

 We have hopes of the Maine Rice Project becoming a Non-Profit as more person/s get involved.

  • Maine Rice Project: Initiate and coordinate harvest groups and on site education tied to rice cultivation and processing with human powered equipment
  • Maine Rice Project:  Offsite education at schools and development of grain growing gardens at schools
  • Food access in Fairfield (foodtrucks, gardens, mobile marts, )
  • Weekly kids programming
  • Farm Dinner / Events
  • Fairfield public gardens and agrarian art in town


Ideal candidates here have experience in farming, food systems, and grant writing. And, as you can see, at this point we really want to see who is out there that might want to join our crew and what you would like to bring to the table.   We are pretty flexible in structuring positions and compensation reflective of where you might be coming from.  Visiting is a positive but not obligatory.


We are hiring three apprentices this season and pay a weekly stipend.  Folks work 30-40 hours on farm labor and 5-10 hours a week on community projects/ individual projects.  This will include room and board, with the potential for four season housing.

We can offer more pay for an apprentice with a season of experience.  This apprentice could share more responsibility and have more ownership in these areas: Livestock,  Newsletter, Social Media, CSA Harvest and Marketing, Events and Workparties, Education, and Perennial Maintenance. This person should be individually motivated to learn or research for the project/area during off time, when applicable.  

We do participate in the MOFGA Apprentice program.  Apprentices will be chosen by the end of February

Winter Help - Position Filled.

Currently we are hiring one person to start soon for winter help.  This position will be part time, and includes room and board.  Depending on the person, this position could then lead into the educator, manager, or an apprentice position in March.  Below are areas where we can use assistance.  It is not mandatory for this person to help with all of these tasks.

  • Rice Sales and Marketing      
  • Rice Processing
  • Forestry Help 
  • CSA Marketing
  • Grant Writing & Education Planning (Seed education position)
  • Seedling care
  • 2017 planning and design