We received a license to grow hemp this year from the Maine Department of Agriculture.  Just like the rice, we are excited to be pioneers for this amazing medicine as it comes to Maine. Our plants have high CBD with trace amounts of THC.  It is non-psychoactive and will NOT get you high. 

  • We are 1 of 2 ORGANIC hemp growers in Maine.
  • We sought out the best genetics in the country (Colorado), are growing 2 distinct varieties.
  • We are the only licensed hemp growers raising clones which means are products will be very potent. 
  • Our operation is human powered.  These plants are all grown with the sun, like all medicine should. 
  • They are grown in our no-till garden beds. They are fed with microbial teas, seaweed, compost and the like. 



Nausea - Pain - Inflammation - Protect Against Cancer - Relieve Spasms - Muscle Relaxant Protects and Heals Nervous system - Antibacterial - Anti-Diabetic - Blood Circulation Crohn's Disease - Digestion issues - Bone stimulant - Post Surgery - Antioxidants - Arthritis  - Addiction withdrawal**



In the coming months, look for Wild Folk Hemp at natural/health food stores and dispensaries.  We also sell direct to consumers. Our anticipated product line includes: oil for vaporizers and edibles, dried flowers for smoking,  tinctures, and salves.  For inquiries, order placements and pricing contact We plan to start distributing in October.


We are always seeking research partners. For example we plan to use our CBD oil, to help with a medical study which test the benefits of CBD Hemp for drug addiction withdrawal.  More research to come in terms of growing practices and medical uses.