The Land: Located in Benton, Maine, Wild Folk Farm features a diversified mosaic of natural landscapes (forests, meadows, wetland), agricultural landscapes (perennials, annuals, livestock pasture, rice paddies) and residential landscapes (housing, buildings, spiritual areas, etc.). Of the natural areas, forest comprises 30 acres and 8 are wild pasture/ wetland.  We cultivate an acre of no till plots, which are intermixed with a few acres of perennial zones.  We are in the midst of creating a multi-acre rice paddy system and many perennial/food forest zones. There is a sugar maple stand we tap, a pond where we swim, and a creek where we relax. As a nascent and rapidly evolving project, most of the infrastructure and agricultural work occurred within the past two years.  Almost all the farm is off the grid except for a tiny sliver down by the road, 1/4 mile from most of the other activity on the land.

Highly diversified and integrated , our biggest focus in years past has been mixed vegetable production, either going to wholesale or CSA. All annual beds (roughly an acre) are either currently in or transitioning towards a no-till system, which is strongly reliant on cover cropping, rotations, animal integration, mulching, a diverse array of homemade foliar sprays, prompt, observant and critical management, and faith in the biology below us.

The Vicinity: Surrounded by rolling hayfields, forests, open sky, and a large dairy farm, we are in the heart of Kennebec Valley Farmland, though still only a quick drive, or bike ride from downtown Fairfield and Waterville; a good balance of town and country.  Both towns are undergoing a period of revitalization.  Nearby there is a yoga studio, Johnny’s and Fedco Seeds, a zendo, an independent movie theater, an art gallery, a great wine and beer shop, and a local foods market. We are close to hiking trails, and the Kennebec and Sebasticook rivers, which offer fishing, boating and swimming. The farm is approximately an hour from the coast, the mountains, and Portland. We have developed close relationships with a wonderful and ever-growing community of people and farms in the area.

Homesteading practices have played a large role in the function of the land. We greatly value trying to work outside the monetary system in casual work trade and bartering arrangements in the flow of a gift economy.

The Buildings:  The building styles range from standard stick-framing (and more primitive) to some timber framing/natural building techniques, and we hope the latter will become more prevalent. There are no large buildings on the property, yet. Seasonally we have accommodated 4-6 people in the summer, and 2-3 in spring/fall.  Summer folks are usually a mix of apprentices, friends and wwoofers.