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Alcohol-based Tinctures

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Our traditionally made alcohol-based tinctures offer the fastest acting relief for pain, insomnia, and anxiety
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We use whole plants, organic corn alcohol and traditional methods of extraction to create our alcohol-based tinctures. These include a higher density of plant particulate, chlorophyll, and by extension, CBD-A, when compared to the MCT tinctures. Because the processing is minimal, these tinctures are economical to produce. The alcohol base delivers CBD to the bloodstream rapidly, so onset is more rapid when compared with MCT oil tinctures.

This extraction follows the same method used in many herbal tinctures. It has the fastest onset results and is best put directly under the tongue, as some evidence shows a faster assimilation in comparison to MCT oil/concentrate based tinctures. If you are new to alcohol tinctures we recommend slightly diluting it in 1oz (or less) of water, as it can be harsh to some people’s mouths. UPDATE: Our latest Maple tinctures and our alcohol-based Nervine Adaptogen tincture are re-formulated with infused glycerine to mitigate the taste. Those seeking the stronger flavor can purchase #2005H or the 2 oz #2008 for the traditional flavor.

This blend of herbal allies (MC3 CBD/Hemp, MOFGA certified Holy Basil, Lemon Balm, and Milky Oat) in combination provide support for three bodily systems which are crucial to internal physiological/hormonal balance.

About the Nervine Adaptogen Tincture (2006H)
CBD/Hemp provides support to the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for choreographing the functions of nearly all processes in our bodies. Oat and Lemon Balm both act on the nervous system, supporting and nourishing the nervous systems work of maintaining a calm and relaxed state. And lastly but certainly not leastly… Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, which is classified as an “Adaptogen”. Adaptogens are a class of herbs which help to regulate processes in the body by acting on the endocrine system, rather than performing a uniform “one size fits all” action, adaptogens instead support the action needed to address the specific circumstances called for to maintain hormonal balance hence the root of the word “Adapt”.

Not only is our CBD Nervine Adaptogen Blend healthful, it’s also super tasty. We incorporate a small amount of infused Organic Glycerin to amplify and sweeten the flavorful, terpene rich bouquet of herbal flavors.


Ingredients: Organic full spectrum hemp, organic corn alcohol, distilled water
Maple tincture flavors contain a very small amount of Maine-sourced Organic Maple Syrup for taste.
Nervine Adaptogen tincture contains organic Tulsi, Lemon Balm, and Oat Tops.

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