The Maine Rice Project is no longer associated with Wild Folk Farm

Currently the operation is located at Ararat Farms in Lincolnville, Maine (and will soon have a new digital home). For inquiries regarding rice please email Ben directly at


The goal of the Maine Rice Project is to get more people growing and eating local, sustainably grown rice and grain throughout the state.
We ENGAGE IN education, demonstrations, workshops, and cultivate a “Human-Powered Grain Equipment” tool library with the goal of creating and supporting the expansion of rice paddies in Maine.

This instructional video focuses on rice production on a small scale human powered farm in Maine. The footage spans 5 years. Topics covered include rice cultivation, paddy management, harvesting and processing. There is a special emphasis on the comparison of directly sown rice and transplanted rice in rice paddies.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, through the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program under subaward number FNE16-856.


  • INPUTS: Compost, rock amendments and foliar homemade teas (sourced mostly from the gulf of Maine and our farm) for fertility.

  • INTEGRATION: Grown in rice paddies, with azolla and ducks. Technically, ducks in the paddy prevent us from organic certification.

  • HUMAN POWER: No machinery is used the paddies. The rice was threshed with a foot powered thresher.

  • No GMOs. No seed coatings. No Arsenic.



We are looking for new sites where we can grow rice. we want to partner with existing farms interested in incorporating rice paddies into their farm operations and/or leasing land.
we will design and build paddy systems based on individual site characteristics, working with farm owners to ensure designs integrate well into their current operations?

a good rice paddy site will have:

  • clay soil
  • uphill pond with good capacity (or place to dig one)
  • slight slope for water management
  • zone4b or warmer

for more information get in touch

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