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I use both the salve and tincture. I’ve tried many and Wild Folk’s provides the greatest relief for my arthritis. After extensive dental work I’m even applying to my jaw line, the pain relief is amazing!

You guys do a hell of a job providing a very worthwhile product, mahalo!

Lahaina, Hawaii

The CBD oil I purchased from you is the best I’ve ever had! I only got the Medium strength and it’s so effective. I look forward to trying more of your products!


I have severe neuropathy in my feet due to diabetes. The nerve pain is excruciating and I’ve never found any relief until I tried the Big CBD Roller, St. John’s Wort & Seaweed. This stuff is amazing!

It calms the intense prickling sensation in my feet immediately. I have lived with this pain for several years, never knowing there was any kind of relief. Pain pills don’t touch it, nothing ever helped until now. Anyone who has neuropathy in your feet, do yourself a favor and order this stuff STAT. It really works! The customer service at Wild Folk Farm is also unbeatable.


I’ve used your CBD salve for over two years I had a pretty severe dose of cancer on the side of my face into my jaw.

I would recommend this product to anyone. This is an unbelievable product that works. This is not anything to take for granted- it totally works and kept my skin from breaking down from 38 radiation treatments.

Your quality is superior to others. Thank you!

-Chris McBride

I think Wild Folk’s products are the BEST of BEST!

I have been also telling everyone about the wild farm and your products. Some already purchased . I want to continue doing business with you for sure. It works wonders!

-Jingjing Luo
Oberlin, Ohio

Sjogren’s syndrome, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease… VERY skeptical, I caved and finally tried CBD oil.


After only a week, my pain has gone from 10 and unable to walk normal, to about a 3-5 and able to walk and move. love your product. I purchase at New Morning Natural Foods. Strong pain meds do not help my pain. This is working.

-Maureen Towne
Kennebunk, Maine

This year has been particularly difficult to the point where I am unable to walk as much or do heavy garden work. I decided to try CBD again and met you and your product at the Belfast market.

I have been using it for 4 days and find great relief. I also have anxiety but am not sure yet if the CBD is helping. I will let you know! I also use my salve at night on my joints. I am using less salve than before the CBD. Thank you!

Sedgewick, Maine

Love the hemp honey!

It’s great in tea and my protein shakes. Gives me calm and helps me get through the work day. It’s time for me to order more.

-Lynne Plante

My wife and I are in our eighties and have been using the MCT oil now for over a year with excellent results with anxiety, joint pain and sleeping. We would and have recommended this to numerous people our age and they too have experienced positive results. The product is extremely clean and very consistent which makes the tincture easy to dose and take.

-John Weinrich

Hello! Your CBD salves have been great! When I have lower back pain I rub in some of the CBD+herbal mixture. My mom and dad use the higher concentration CBD only salve. The scent let’s you know it’s full strength CBD+! The CBD+seaweed roller seems to be helping my hands when they begin tingling like going to sleep. Thanks for your work!


I use the CBD MCT oil 750 nightly to help me sleep and the high salve for lower back pain and have been for about 2 years.

I feel safe using these products because first they are organic and second I love knowing the people who make these are doing so with respect and in harmony with our earths needs. I also like the packaging that uses glass instead of frankenplastics!

-Diane Wilkins
Falmouth, Maine

Beyond the tinctures, the Wild Folk Farm salves are a huge relief for combating daily inflammation in my joints, specifically due to a knee injury and when used on my hands after a long day working on the computer (so dorky but I’m SO serious!)

North Conway, New Hampshire

I love this salve! It smells so good!

-Kim B.

It is really clear how much attention everyone at Wild Folk puts into their products.

They help recover quickly so I can go hard at Jiu Jitsu. They help my wife be in a relaxed state as she spends 16+ hours a day coding. They seem to be the only thing that helps relieve my fathers back pain without putting him in a disoriented state.

We are really grateful for all the work you are doing. I know a bit about processing and know that there are a bunch of steps where there is the easy way or the best way. It’s clear to me everyone at the farm always chooses the best way with the best intentions. It is noticed and greatly, greatly appreciated.

Sedgewick, Maine

I have tried other products but your product is far superior! The flavor is smooth and the effect is calming. My daughter recommended Wild Folk Farm and I am very pleased she did! I will reorder!


Your CBD oil has been a huge success in allowing me to stop taking 12 Ibuprofen a day for months at a time. I have fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis and mostly feel like I got hit by a truck. 24 hours after taking your oil a few times, several people commented that I looked different. This includes my best friend that stated that I looked and moved like a different person and that he didn’t realize how much pain I was in.

Thanks for the great product without all the chemicals. That’s what kept me from trying CBD sooner.

-Kris W.
Bethel, Maine

We love your product and will continue to use it. I suffer from Hidradenitis and after years of being on and off antibiotics (that never worked) I started experimenting with CBD oil.

We’ve tried Infinite CBD which was ok, Charlotte’s Web which did nothing and finally started to try local products. Yours is hands down the best I’ve tried and we’ll continue to send you our money.


While on vacation we stopped in the cutest little breakfast shop and saw your display of Wild folk farm products. I decided to try the St.John’s wort and seaweed roller because I have awful arthritis and the pain in my knees and hips are unbearable sometimes, especially when riding my motorcycle for days while vacationing.

I noticed a difference almost immediately and the more I used it the better I feel. I was thrilled when I found your online shop, can’t live without your products!

-Vickie Smith

My daughter bought me the salve because I have painful joints from age and broken joints. It relieves the pain.

-Sally Dodd
Poplar Bluff, Missouri

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Your salves are great – they have helped my back and leg pain from a pinched nerve, and other topical aches and pains for friends.

Keep up the good work!


I’m pleased with the oil-based tincture I’ve been using. I see a subtle but steady reduction of inflammation in my knee and strained ribs. I also think that I am sleeping more deeply, and in troubled times, that is a real gift!

-Jennifer C.
Belfast, Maine

Love the tinctures. It has really helped our dog with her lameness and us with aches and pains! Excellent customer service and helpful staff that provide information about the oil tinctures

-Cindy H.

We love this tincture. It has helped my husband cope with chronic Lyme disease symptoms.

Thank you!

-Katherine H.

Decided to try your product based on ingredients, full-spectrum, and MOFGA certification. Worked wonderfully for sciatic nerve pain! Will be purchasing more salve for future use.


After researching CBD and quite a few conversations with people, I decided to try it. On a weekend away to Maine, we found a Health store and bought 2 bottles of the 200mg. We tried it the next morning due to the restless night in a hotel and were very pleased with the results of the alcohol based tincture for the day. I take the oil base every morning and have found it to be helping in many ways. I hardly take any more Ibuprofen or Aleve now for my aches and pains. I highly recommend your products to everyone.


Your CBD tincture has literally helped save my niece who suffers with bipolar.

It completely calms her when she has some excitable moments. Thank you, it has been a Godsend.


I find so much anxiety relief with this product and it is simply amazing for aiding in a deep, restful sleep.

Thanks for being my trusted source!


I’ve been very pleased with the products and the shipping efficiencies. Your MOFGA certification is important to me. Additionally I am happy to be supporting a Maine farm. Once upon a time I was fortunate to sell your rice (via Crown O Maine,) and so see this as another way to shop local.

Downeast Maine

I’ve been using the maximum strength CBD MCT oil for over a year now and it has helped with chronic inflammation and pain as well as sleep.

I’ve also been using and loving the lip balm and I’m on my third one. Your customer service is top notch! I will continue to recommend Wild Folk!

-Gabrielle C.

Great product. Helps me to sleep and with every day pains and aches.

– Charles C.

After using your tincture for several months, I find my anxiety as well as my pain has greatly diminished. I had to travel for the holidays and could really tell the difference without it – more pain, less sleep. Thank you for the care you take to ensure quality.

So happy to see the lower prices too.

Sedgewick, Maine

I order from you on a regular basis. My orders have always arrived promptly and accurately.

My only complaint is that I could use a tub size!

-Terry S.

The product is very effective, very consistent, in quality and the company stands behind their product and service. I am using a 1000 mg medium strength MCT oil tincture product.

-Pat G..
Pompano Beach, Florida

I have used many other brands with not even close to the results I have with you. I particularly love the salve and am anxious to see how the new roll on works. As an extremely active person (who also happens to be fused both at cervical and lumbar levels, this provides me the natural relief I am looking for. Love the lip balm feel and just am trying the paw salve. Being originally from Maine up until the past five years, it is no surprise the best is from here. I miss the quality of products, food, air and water. Thank you for offering high quality and pure products!

-Stephanie Reaves
Jamestown, South Carolina

My Italian greyhound has been nervous about going to the vet’s office basically his entire life. I give him a dose of oil before we head to the vet (15 min ride) and he is so much more relaxed now!

Lewiston, Maine

Within hours of taking it, I was noticeably calmer and more relaxed. I’ve tried other brands, but they paled in comparison.

-Walter W.
Courtdale, Pennsylvania

I have dabbled in THC and only just tried CBD this fall. It has helped me reduce my antidepressant pharmaceutical! I love the MCT tincture in my tea, and the alcohol infusion when I need a quicker acting relief.

– Samantha
Portland, Maine

I have miserable, debilitating, acute, and chronic cramps two weeks out of every month (for 25 years). This medicine is a like a green song entering the fiery spaces of pain to soothe the battling internal spasming dragons. The strength is unparalleled in its capacity to stop an intense contraction within 5 minutes (20-30 mins is the fastest I’ve experienced before this). With the sensory experience of the terpenes, the healing spirit of these beautiful medicines come dancing in to help. Thank you, Wild Folk!

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

I have been using Wild Folk Farm tincture for almost a year and I haven’t had a migraine since starting using it. I use to have migraines 2-3 times a week for years. I have not changed anything I was doing before taking the tincture so I am certain that this is what relieves me of those terrible headaches.

– Pat
Lewiston, Maine

I grabbed the MCT oil tincture for muscle stiffness and pain because I’m a victim of the flu! Already feeling relief I couldn’t get from ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

– Monica
Scarborough, Maine

Wild Folk Farm oil based and alcohol based tinctures have been beneficial in helping me take less over the counter pain relief medication. Medium strength alcohol based tincture and CBD-A oil base tincture is what i have been using.

– Anonymous
Old Orchard Beach, Maine

I have been using CBD oil for … maybe two years now. I buy it exclusively from wild folk farm and I am very happy with it. I particularly like using it on occasion when I wake up in the middle of the night. I take 3-4 drops and then I am able to sleep again for the remainder of the night.

– Lois Spataro
Monticello, New York

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

I’ve referred a couple of friends to their products, and they also find tremendous relief with them.

The salve is incredibly fresh and potent. My arthritis pain is a fraction of what it is without using the salve.

– Kerry Cubas

Due to strong and uncomfortable reactions to even the slightest use of marijuana, I am unable to use it for my chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia. I first tried Wild Folk Farm’s MCT CBD tincture when I found it for sale at Morning Glory in Brunswick. I figured I’d give it a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. It has helped immensely with all three of these ailments! I only use WFF’s products now, and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone that asks or mentions cbd for symptom relief.

– Megan Parks

After trying a 15ml tester in a local Maine grocery, I fell in love.

The rest of the bottles I got went to people I adore and I hopped online to buy more.

Being that this was love… I got the 4oz 200mg high strength salve and this baby treats me well. Really helps my aches and pains. My knees, knots in my back, and the stresses of everyday life can suck it! This stuff helps me not act my age.

– Courtney
Bakersville, North Carolina

The salve has been such a relief to my husband’s arthritis in his hands. There is increased mobility and reduced inflammation, what great medicine!

– Holly Lund
Brewer, Maine

My husband has had 12 back surgeries and has never said he feels good. He started using the CBD oil orally and not that the pain is gone but he says it makes life so much more bearable. There are even days he says he feels pretty good.

– Debboe Grabow

The oil-based tincture works wonders for my arthritis. It’s also a great sleep aid. I love supporting a Maine based business that I can trust.

– Micah Drummond
Freeport, Maine

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