Below are results from batches of Wild Folk Farm products and flower tested recently. Matching expectations, our products come back at above the CBD content listed on the bottle.  We calculate extra CBD for each batch intentionally in our best attempt to ensure each bottle has beyond the desired amount of CBD.  If you look at the test you will see that the 3 cannabinoids that come back in order of amount are CBD, CBDA and CBC. 

How to interpret the test results.
The results are given in mg/ml.  There are 30 ml in each ounce so to figure out the strength of the batch in terms of the amount of CBD one would take the total CBD and multiple it by 30.

Our lowest strength salve, for example has 300 mg of CBD and CBDA total per ounce, or 50% more than is listed on the bottle.  Furthermore, it has over 100 mg of CBC as well.  We make to realize “full spectrum” to its maximum by combining 2-3 different varieties into each batch.


Metals Test Results

May 5th 2019

Heavy Metals Testing

State Test Results

September 21 2019

Maine State Test Results

Product Test Results

March 7 2019

Lab results of our finished tincture and salve products

Flower Test Results

November 23 2018

Cannabinoid profiles for our raw hemp flower